GURPS Calculator Help

Help document authored by Emerson Gray

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Contents Menu Button
  • Allows you to switch between screens without first backing up to the Main Menu.
  • All screens are available via the menu button, as well as direct links to the Donate and Help pages.
Campaign Settings
  • The campaign that you choose under “Settings” is the only campaign that will display its attacks and tracker rolls. The campaign that is currently selected is displayed at the top of your screen.
  • If a campaign has not been selected under “Settings,” all new entries on other screens will be grouped under “Default Campaign.”
Application Settings
  • Checking off “Keep Screen On” disables your phone’s display timeout while in the GURPS Calculator.
  • Checking off “Metric Units” changes the units used to calculate Collision Damage, Jumping Distance, and Throwing Distance. Unchecking the box reverts to imperial units.
  • Checking off "Supress Invalid Damage Type Warnings" allows you to target any hit location with any attack type in the Combat Roller. (By default, a warning will appear if the attack type/hit location combination is invalid. For example, burning attacks cannot target the vitals.)
Optional Rules
  • Checking off "MA Hit Locations" will add the optional hit locations available in the Martial Arts book to the "Hit Location" drop-down menu in the Combat Roller.
Collision Damage
  • This tool speeds up gameplay by doing the complicated equation for collision damage for you!
  • Enter the hit points of the person/creature involved in the collision, the speed at which it is moving, and local gravity; check off if the person/creature is colliding with a hard object or if it is falling.
  • If it is falling, the “speed” entered should be the distance fallen (in yards or meters).
Combat Roller
  • You will only be able to see attacks within the Campaign selected under Settings. The campaign that is currently selected is displayed at the top of your screen.
  • Enter or edit the names of attacks. There must always be at least one attack in the list.
  • Calculates damage type modifiers (for cutting, impaling, etc).
  • Spaces for weapon attack skill and any modifiers not accounted for by the calculator.
Atk/Def Position
  • Physical positions of the attacker and defender.
  • Applies any modifiers to the attack roll accordingly.
Hit Location
  • Applies penalties for hit locations as needed.
Target’s DR/Armor Divisor
  • Subtracts target’s DR from the damage rolled before calculating final damage.
  • Includes the attack’s armor divisor in the final damage calculation.
Damage d/Mod/Multiplier
  • The number of dice to be rolled, any modifiers to the attack’s damage (e.g.: for the -2 in “1d-2”), and any dice multiplier required for the attack’s damage.
  • Shows effective skill, basic damage roll, penetrating damage equation, penetrating damage, hit location (if random), and automatically rolls on the critical hit/critical head blow/critical failure table (if applicable) and displays result.
Show Equation
  • Check off to show the entire equation used to calculate final attack damage.
Dice Roller
  • d: the number of dice
  • +/-: number to add or subtract from the total dice result
  • x: number to multiply the total dice result by
  • #: number of times to roll (all results shown as a list)
  • ?: target number for success
  • eq.: check/uncheck this box to show/hide equations, respectively
HP/FP Tracker
  • Enter base Hit Points and Fatigue Points in the top section. These are not just for your reference, but are used to determine any penalties from very low HP/FP.
  • Track current HP/FP in the lower section. When either HP or FP get too low, the applicable penalties will display, for your convenience.
Jumping Distance
  • Calculates high or broad jumping distance for you, including any levels of Super Jump.
Throwing Distance
  • Calculates how far an object can be thrown and how much damage the object does when thrown at someone.
  • Enter the thrower’s Lifting Strength, the item’s weight, and any penalty taken to the thrower’s Will roll to use Extra Effort.
Add Row (+)
  • The new row you are inputting will be added to the Campaign selected under Settings.
    • Name
      • The name of the attack
      • The number you need to roll in order to succeed. (e.g.: Your skill level.)
      • The group you want to add this new row to.
      • If you are trying to switch what campaign the new row will go into, see Settings.
  • To add a new group or to edit/delete an existing group, select “New” or “Edit” in the drop-down menu between Add Row (+) and Search.
  • To only show the rows in one group (e.g.: only Perception Rolls, only Skill rolls), select that group from the drop-down menu between Add Row(+) and Search.
  • Searches the name of the row and displays only rows beginning with the Search criteria.
Roll All
  • Rolls all rows that are currently displayed.
  • To roll one row at a time, tap the row you want to roll. If the result doesn’t change when tapped, it’s because you rolled the same result as the last roll.