An Ancient Evil Returns

Ascension is a GURPS game focusing on the legendary adventures of The Enlightened, a group of five adventurers who were granted extraordinary powers by mysterious forces.

In Ascension, The Enlightened start as already powerful and successful adventurers who are just coming into their new abilities. The abilities can be found in the powers section, each of which are split into a focus. In all the known world, there are only 5 individuals with special powers, and each draw their strength from a different focus.

The known world itself is an island about the size of Scotland, much of it covered in heavy forests and jagged cliffs. A spiderlike maze of both natural and artificial tunnels systems interconnect many of the mountains, most made by the Minotaurs in their quest for resources, but many also made by an older, long forgotten culture.

The campaign feel is one of epic adventure with heavy role playing elements. Players were very carefully chosen for excellence in role-playing and dedication to plot cohesion.

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