An Ancient Evil Returns


Basic Kit - 27 points

Advantages Combat Reflexes (15, B43)
Skills {Axe/Mace, Broadsword, Knife, Shortsword, or Staff}, {Bow or Crossbow}, {Boxing, Brawling, or Karate}, {Judo or Wrestling}, Climbing, First Aid, Forced Entry, Gesture, Hiking, Riding (Horse/Pony), Stealth, Throwing
Optional Signature Gear (variable, B85)

Acolyte - 41 points

Advantages Blessed [Blessed and Heroic Feats] (20, B40), Clerical Investment (5, B43), Will +2 (10, B16)
Skills {Diplomacy or Interrogation}, Meditation, Religious Ritual, Savoir-Faire (Religious), Search, Theology

Alchemist - 44 points

Advantages Contact Group [Sunglass Alchemist’s Guild, Effective Skill 18, 9 or less, Completely Reliable] (9, B44), Gizmos 2 [Alchemy Only -50%] (5, B57), Quick Gadgeteer [Alchemy Only -50%] (25, B57; M210)
Skills {Acting or Diplomacy}, Alchemy, Merchant, Observation, {Savoir-Faire (Alchemists’ Guild) or Streetwise}

Assassin - 48 points

Advantages Danger Sense (15, B47), Perception +1 (5, B16), Weapon Master [any level] (20-45, B99)
Skills {Acting or Fast-Talk}, Disguise, {Observation or Search}, Poisons, Shadowing, Smuggling, Streetwise, Traps
Optional Alternate Identity [Illegal] (15, B39)

Duelist - 54 points

Advantages Ambidexterity (5, B39), Basic Speed +0.5 (10, B17), Daredevil (15, B47), Weapon Master [any level] (20-45, B99)
Skills Acrobatics, {Carousing or Fast-Talk}, {Observation or Search}, Streetwise

Knight - 47 points

Advantages ST +1 (10), Status 1 (5, B28), Weapon Master [any level] (20-45, B99)
Special Advantages Knights must take either Military Rank [Courtesy Rank 3] (3, B29) or Reputation [+2, everyone except the military, sometimes recognized; -2, the military, sometimes recognized] (1, B27).
Skills {Carousing, Diplomacy, or Interrogation}, Intimidation, Leadership, Observation, Savoir-Faire (Military), Savoir-Faire (Nobility), Tactics

Performer - 46 points

Advantages Charisma +1 (5, B41), Contact [Effective Skill 15, 12 or less, Usually Reliable] (B44), Voice (10, B97)
Skills {At least two of: Acting, Carousing, Diplomacy, or Fast-Talk}, Connoisseur, Detect Lies, Enthrallment (Persuade), Filch, Forgery, Lockpicking, Musical Instrument, Panhandling, Pickpocket, Public Speaking (at 12+), {Savoir-Faire (at least one specialty) and Streetwise}, {Scrounging or Search}, Sleight of Hand, Urban Survival

Survivalist - 44 points

Advantages Absolute Direction (5, B34), Animal Empathy (5, B40), Weapon Master [any level] (20-45, B99)
Skills Animal Handling (must specialize), Camouflage, {Carousing or Fast-Talk}, Carpentry, Cartography, Fishing, Gardening, Mimicry (Animal and/or Bird Calls), Naturalist, {Observation or Scrounging}, Streetwise, Survival (must specialize, must choose two), Tracking
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