An Ancient Evil Returns


Malan and the Paragon

Long ago, the demon lord Malan crossed the border between T’elth and our world after losing a war that had raged for countless eternities. In our world, he found a collection of races young and full of ambition. He gave them many gifts. Some, such as the giants, being his willing servants, praised his power and gifts throughout the lands.

Soon, Malan’s might and congregation grew as far as it could with gifts and words alone.

What are known today as the pure races: the fey, the resulk, the gorgon, the minotaur, and the dragon; refused rule by Malan, and continued to follow the pagan deities of wood, sky, water, fire, and bone. Malan attempted to take the minotaurs first. Thinking they could be swayed with words and wisdom, Malan sent the fairest of all his fold to preach at their gates: the elves of Eventide.

The Minotaur's of the time knew only blood and bone, sweat and grind. The words of the elves fell on deaf ears. They dug deeper into their labyrinths, content with the life they've known.

Malan then put into motion the giants of the Steel mountains, having them work tirelessly to use wood and stone to block the great frozen river Ygreth that brought life to the minotaurs below. The minotaurs brought war to the giants, slaughtering them and destroying the dam, the wood and stone converted to towers and walls.

Malan, furious, began assembling a host of trolls and dwarves to march on Labyrinth. The minotaur's sent word to their allies, the dragon of the South Mountains. As Malan's army marched on Labyrinth, the Dragon's set up patrols and began killing all trolls and shadow creatures on sight.

The fey arrived next, manning the towers, hills, woods and streams with bow and spell. Giant and demon alike fell to their guerilla tactics and ability to hide seemlessly into the wood.

The gorgons joined the alliance next, turning to stone all enemies in their path.

FInally, the resulk stayed far from the frey safe on the Sapphire Islands, but sent valuable supplies and food to the troops, knowing that if they failed here, they would fall next.

The armies crashed at the gates of Labryith, in the fields of Spyglass, and the forests of Starfall. All seemed lost, as battle after battle found Malan victorious and unscatched. Powerful spells, wards, and weapons made the shadow army unbeatable.

It was at this time that a new star appeared in the sky, a star of unspeakable beauty and light, 5 distinct points making up its blue white form. Appearing to the heads of each key race in a dream, the five deities we know now as the Paragon gave advice, spells, powers and protection to the races in their time of need.

Still the war was being lost by sheer numbers alone.

The great gorgon wizard Greensmith was granted the power of life when all seemed lost. A new race was born that day, as from the common dirt he raised hundreds, and then thousands, of humans to be the new shock troops of the alliance. With these humans the war was turned, Malan’s forces were scattered to the 4 winds and Malan himself went into hiding, perhaps leaving this plane entirely.

As for the Paragon, they stayed active for many more years, but over the centuries they have appeared to believers less and less. It is generally believe they still keep an eye on our world, and give minor help as needed, a push here, a protection spell there, waiting for the day that will truly be needed once again.

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