An Ancient Evil Returns

  • Sapphire Islands Native [7]
  • Area Knowledge(The Sapphire Islands, County) +1 [2]
  • Cultural Familiarity (The Sapphire Islands) [0]
  • Language, Islandic (Native) [0]
  • Language, Common: Spoken (Accented)/Written (None) [2]
  • Fishing +0 [1]
  • Swimming +0 [1]
  • Connoisseur -1 [1] or Crewman (Seamanship) +0 [1] or Merchant -1 [1]

A large and fertile island, the Sapphire Islands is the home of the Resulk, who guard it jealously. Non-Resulk are welcome only in the port Erinsmere for trade and diplomacy. The remainder of the island is mostly a secret, even to the bulk of the Resulk that live there, as releasing maps of the region in any way are strictly forbidden.


The chief export of the islands are dyes, spices, and sugercane; three exotic commodities of such high demand and rareness as to be considered the most valuable items in the world. The Resulk capitalize on this by shipping these valuables to several ports, selling and trading for steel, gems, luxuries, and knowledge. Their most common port of call is the Emerald Port, just south of The City, where the mighty Lurien meets the Green Sea.

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