An Ancient Evil Returns

  • Starfall Native [7]
  • Area Knowledge(Starfall, Village) +1 [2]
  • Area Knowledge(Starfall Forest, County) +0 [1]
  • Cultural Familiarity (Starfall) [0]
  • Language, Eloi (Native) [0]
  • Language, Common: Spoken (Accented)/Written (None) [2]
  • Climbing -1 [1]
  • Carpentry +0 [1] or Cooking -1 [1] or Riding -1 [1]

Starfall is the largest settlement of Fey in the world, boasting populations as high as 2500 at times. The settlement itself is a collection of collapsable huts and tents ringed by a thick wall of natural growth and thorns.

Starfall itself is built to move locations quickly. Whenever the location of Starfall is found out by an outsider, the inhabitants pull together to pack up and go to their auxiliary location within the wood as quickly as possible. Some say that Fey witchcraft aids in this moving, some saying that the entire community can be whisked away on a whim.


Starfall generally does not trade with other races, wary of exposing their secrets or appearing weak. Their self-sufficiency also allows them to move as often as they wish, and live without dependency.


Because Starfall does not trade with other races, they tend to have a very small supply of iron or steel. Working the deposits they do find, they treat each weapon made with the utmost care, pouring months of work and many enchantments in to create a blade as delicate and light as a leaf, yet as strong as it’s mundade counterpart. Because of this, Fey steel weighs half as much as normal steel, and often comes with beneficial enchantments on them. They have no list price, and can not be bought (legally.)

The incredible amount of work that must go into each steel weapon means that the Starfallian Fey prefer wood weapons, excelling in archery and staff combat.

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