An Ancient Evil Returns

  • Telien Steppes Native[7]
  • Area Knowledge (Telien Steppes, City) +1 [2]
  • Area Knowledge (Erenfell, County) +0 [1]
  • Cultural Familiarity (Gorgon) [0]
  • Cultural Familiarity (Resulki) [1]
  • Riding (Horse) [1]
  • Language, Gorgonic (Native) [0]
  • Language, Common: Spoken (Accented)/Written (None) [2]

The Telien Steppes is a ruined city of the Old People (believed to be the sister city to the Old City under Labyrinth) that lies in the great plains of Erenfell. Gorgon by nature are nomadic, but those that believe in the old ways collect here under the guidance of The Oracle, a Gorgon of the highest purity who is believed to have lived since the time of The Fall. It is believed that The Oracle may even be a direct descendent of the great gorgon wizard Greensmith, who turned the tide against Malon and his demon army.

The Steppes itself is mostly ruined, save for some rebuilt pieces that its population dwells in. The ruins about it stretch for many leagues, as the old city was one of the largest from before Malon. Countless legends and stories surround the ruins of the Steppes, many of which involve demons, ghosts, monsters and other unsavory creatures of the night that dwell within the dark and ruined places of the decimated foundations of the old city.


The Telien Steppes populous lives on the quiet river Dar Goth, and uses it to connect to a small port on the far western bank of the Green Sea. The Sapphire Islands Resulk trade here every so often for the particular breed of horse that runs in the area. These Erenfell horses, when trained by the horsemasters of The Steppes, become sought after mounts continent-wide. In return, the Resulk keep the Gorgons well dressed in fine silks dyed with the deepest purples, greens and golds.


The Steppes is not a place to find steel, so weapons made here are mostly wood, with steel, iron, or copper elements. Spears are the most common weapon, as it is light, flexible, can be used from horseback, and only requires the smallest amount of precious steel to be deadly.

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