An Ancient Evil Returns

  • The City Native [7]
  • Area Knowledge(The City, City) +1 [2]
  • Area Knowledge(The City, County) +0 [1]
  • Cultural Familiarity (The City) [0]
  • Language, Common(Native) [0]
  • Language, Islandic: Spoken (Accented)/Written (None) [2]
  • Heraldry -1 [1]
  • Diplomacy -2 [1] or Farming -1 [1] or Geography (Political) -2 [1]

The City is the capital of the trio of Dragon settlements nestled in the southern center of the continent. Originally a collection of fellowships scattered across several hilltops, these towns eventually allied and grew into each other, forming the largest population in the area.

After the fall of Malon, the Dragons claimed the plains and central river of the south, positioning themselves perfectly to trade and, to their ambitions, eventually rule all the free peoples of the world. The two towns they built north of The City for these purposes are known as Rivertown and The Granary.

Although this takeover of the continent never happened, The City still finds itself rich in all the luxuries it could ever want, and more.


The City is situated far south on the mighty river Lurien, of which empties into the Green Sea. This gives them an easy port of call to trade with the affluent Resulk of the Sapphire Islands. This almost exclusive trade route, matched with their excellent geographic positioning, allows The City to act as a pass-through for merchants from all the other regions. Many merchants will travel to The City, bringing wares and coin, and trade with merchants travelling south, who then in turn trade at the Emerald Port with the Resulk.

This gatekeeping of the closest port to the much desired products of the Sapphire Islands has kept The City in wealth and luxuries without fail for centuries.


Spireguard is a 5 story tower prison that serves as barracks to its guards, guest chambers for visiting army personel, and holding cells for both rich and poor alike.

The upper levels are reserved for visiting army personal. A thick door seperates floors 4 and 5 from the below levels.

Floors 2,3, and 4 serve as holding cells for questioning and imprisioning nobles, rich merchants, and anyone able to pay to not be in the dungeons for their stay.

Floor one has several guard rooms, a weapons cache, and a tight set of security around the sole exit from Spireguard.

The levels below are rumoured to go on forever, housing common criminals on the upper levels, people The City wishes to forget on mid-levels, and, it is said, immortal, magical, and demonic prisoners that are unable to be killed on the lowest levels.


The wharfs of The City are a 3 mile stretch of docks, shores, and coves butting up against a collection of taverns, whorehouses, and inns of varying elegance and product.

The far east of the wharfs are populated solely by the Queen's Navy, and this section is guarded heavily. The buildings on this side of the wharfs are mainly warehouses, City carpentry shops, and barracks.

As one approaches the center of the wharfs, the government's buildings and ships fall off abruptly to be replaced with merchant vessles gaily colored and trimmed, some from as far as the Telien Steppes and the Sapphire Islands. The merchants set up small stalls at the bottom of their ramps, and while they peddle their wares the shiphands often visit the inns and whorehouses of this small stretch of the wharfs. Having more coin then common sailors, the men on merchant ships often times go a few streets deeper into the city to Merchant's Alley to find rare gifts and partake of Arbor Wine.

The far west of the wharfs is comprised mostly of shanty inns and delapitated buildings. Many of the buildings are abandoned by tax paying residences, and are instead home to drug peddlers, unregistered whorehouses, and squatters. The farthest edge of the wharf is covered by a large outcropping of rock known as Beggar's Cove where pirates, thieves, and other unreputables often congrgate for midnight dealings.

The Granary


The Granary is the food stores of the Dragon kingdom, feeding the masses with wheat and producing puddings, cakes, and beer for nobles and slaves alike.

50 miles north of The City, The Granary is perfectly situated to trade with Labyrinth, a city starving for wheat. This particular commerece has made The Granary a very wealthy town, although most of its wealth goes straight into the royal coffers.

The town itself is ruled and run by a Queen appointed Mayor named Allysa, a dragon of common birth who impressed the Queen with her leadership and skill in quashing The Wheat Rebellion two score years ago.


The Grain Bridge

This bridge spans the mighty Trade River, a river running from Labyrinth, through The City, and empting into the Emerald Sea. The bridge is the only way to cross the river short of having a boat, and is heavily guarded by the Queen's Guard.

The bridge has an interesting history, having been partially destroyed in three different rebellions and having been the site of the end of the Wheat Rebellion when Horse Guard Leftenent cast rebellion leader Fere Tergoth from its heights.

The Watchtower

The Watchtower is a repurposed fort 15 miles east of The City that houses a medium sized group of acolytes of The Traveller that serve the villages and peoples of their area. The Watchtower has many areas off-limits to the general public, but one can always find the doors to Watchtower Chapel open, and the kitchen will serve weary travellers and beggars alike.

As revealed to the party in 1.1 To Dine with a Queen, the closed off areas of the Watchtower are mainly in use by a subsection of the Assassin's Guild known as The Faith, headed by the elite assassin Scythe.

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