An Ancient Evil Returns

  • Sunglass Native [7]
  • Area Knowledge(Sunglass, City) +1 [2]
  • Area Knowledge(Della Flats, County) +0 [1]
  • Cultural Familiarity (Sunglass) [0]
  • Language, S’ungalah (Native) [0]
  • Language, Common: Spoken (Accented)/Written (None) [2]
  • Research -1 [1]
  • Astronomy (Observational) -2 [1] or Geography (Physical) -2 [1] or Archaeology -2 [1]

Sunglass is a community of around 1700 individuals consisting of all races that hold the subtle science of magic and metal at its heart. When the commune was founded, its membership was small and elite, allowing none to enter that did not have the mental aptitude and perseverance to meld science and metal.

As the decades passed and the citizens of the community got married and had children, these children grew to have many different talents, several of which were not in line with the communities general standards. Through these children, Sunglass evolved to study many different forms of science, and not just the subtle and mystical science of the arcane. The most popular to spring up in later years was the science of Alchemy, and Sunglass' ranks swelled with hopeful initiates.


Sunglass trades almost exclusively with Labyrinth to the northeast for metals, gems, and various dusts and salts of the earth. Through these components they work their earth sciences. In return, they are able to shape the very delicate drill bits and metal lozenges the minotaurs requires for their great coal-powered machines.


Sunglass allows no weapons to be carried while in the community. Even its guards carry only the simplest and unedged of weapons (although it is rumoured the protectors of this realm have great and terrifying magicks at their disposal.)

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